Six Ways to Improve Your Home for a Summer Sale


With the days getting longer and hotter, it can only mean one thing – Summer is here! If you’re putting your house on the market, here are some ideas to give you a better chance for a fast, stress-free sale during the warmer months.


What a perfect time to throw open the doors and windows and let the fresh air and sunshine do its thing. A closed-up home can get musty and damp in winter and even into spring. Unless you have mould problems – which is important to take care of – airing your house will help to brighten the atmosphere and any musty smells.


On the subject of sunshine…. If you’ve had your blinds or curtains closed all through the cooler months you may not notice dirt and grime building up on window sills and cupboard surfaces. As soon as the summer sun shines through your windows, it shows up all the dirt you’ve missed, especially on kitchen cupboards. Give all your surfaces a good clean and make your windows sparkle – inside and out.


The front garden is your chance to make a good first impression on potential buyers, so don’t ignore it in Summer. An effective way to enhance the garden is to plant some brightly coloured flowers, or place them in pots. Greenery always looks cool and inviting on a hot day as well, so make sure everything is kept well-watered! Keep the summery garden feel going when buyers step inside your home, by placing fresh cut flowers in vases – the scent will be pleasant and inviting.


Nothing feels better on a sweltering day than walking into a nice, cool home and feeling that relief from the sun. Buyers will be thankful for a beautifully air-conditioned home, and having some refreshing, chilled water on hand could be another welcoming gesture. Maintaining your air-conditioner is important so make sure filters are clean, or replace them. Having the unit serviced might be a worthwhile investment as well. If your home has ceiling fans, clean and dust all the blades and ensure they all work well, as buyers will appreciate any form of cooling.


When it comes to your home’s décor, styling for the season ahead makes sense. A few simple changes can make a difference in the ambience of your home. Pack those heavy winter blankets away out of sight and if you have a wood fire, banish any firewood to the garage. Changing your couch cushions from heavy, winter colours and fabrics to Summer hues can create a lighter mood. You can even replace any rugs and curtains with lighter versions if you like.


With warmer days and balmy nights ahead, having your back yard ready for entertaining is a huge bonus when it comes to showing your home’s potential. Spruce up any outdoor furniture with a good clean or replace it if it’s a bit sad and sorry – not a bad idea as you can take it with you when you move. Thoroughly clean any pavers, and don’t forget to weed in between! If your yard has timber decking, a good idea other than just scrubbing it clean, is to oil or stain it and it will come up looking like new again. This might be a good time for a new BBQ too!

Do you have a swimming pool? Make sure it’s clean and Summer ready, green water and piles of leaves aren’t very attractive. Ensure any pool chairs are clean as well, and put away the kid’s pool toys during inspection times.

If you take the time to make your house look and feel inviting, cool and comfortable, the effort will all be worth it, and you’ll be on your way to getting the sale you want.

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