Top 8 Things That Turn Buyers Off


You’ve probably heard a lot of the “do’s” when it comes to selling a home, right?  Well, here are some of the “do nots” –  things that consistently turn people away from buying a house.


So many smells can be off-putting when visiting an open house! Cigarette smoke is a big one. Anyone who doesn’t smoke will immediately detect the smell, so remember to remove all ashtrays and butts before any inspections. If you smoke indoors especially, washing walls, curtains, any linen and cushion covers will help, and maybe consider smoking outdoors while your home is on the market. Other smells you’ll want to get rid of are pet smells, food in rubbish bins, musty smells, wet towels and incense (yes, some people really can’t stand the smell of strong incense!)


Imagine walking into a house for sale and it looks like an obstacle course. If you had to avoid walking into piles of someone else’s belongings or couldn’t see through the windows because of the clutter, you would probably turn around and walk out right? A lot of people do just that. The living room especially is one that should appear spacious and clutter free. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you could ask a trusted friend or even hire a professional organiser to help you.


It’s a fact of life that we buy and keep more “things” these days, so many buyers look for good storage options when inspecting a house. Older homes in particular, can lack in this area. While it isn’t always easy or cost effective to add permanent storage inside a home, you might think about investing in a shed or garage. A lot of buyers would be happy if they knew they could store larger items safely in a garage and it could mean you keep them interested.


All buyers have a budget and you’ll make it harder on them, and yourself, if your real estate listing doesn’t have an asking price or even a price range. Most buyers would bypass your listing on a website it there was no price there. Unless something really caught their eye about your property to make them feel inclined to call the estate agent, they’ll more than likely scroll to the next house and you could have lost a potential sale.


Some sellers are very emotionally attached to their home – maybe all their children grew up there or it belonged to their own parents. Whatever the reason, some people find it hard to let go of the memories that go with their property. For a buyer, having a seller hanging around during an inspection can be a big turn off.  If you are prone to talking about how great certain features in the home are – or even pointing out faults you haven’t got around to fixing, it’s best to be quiet (or not even be there! ) and let the buyers make up their own minds.


Clean everything! Thoroughly! This can’t be stressed enough. During the time your house is on the market, keeping it clean is so important. You might see through the dirt if it’s something you’re used to living with, but anyone walking through your property with fresh eyes will notice. Walls need to be washed, make sure carpets are properly vacuumed, floors mopped etc. Toilets and bathrooms can get very messy and need to be sparkling. It’s surprising how many people will actually use a toilet or bathroom while inspecting a home and you don’t want to put them off.


A lot people have pets, and love them of course, but that doesn’t mean they want to see that your moggy has been shedding his fur in the home they’re interested in, or that your dog loves to shake himself all over the carpet after a bath. Some people have allergies and even the hint of an animal in the house means they won’t consider buying. Hide any food bowls during inspections (and most importantly litter trays ). Thoroughly vacuum the carpets and lounges and don’t forget to ask someone to have your pet while the house is open for inspection.


I’m pretty sure most buyers wouldn’t turn up to a house inspection without first deciding if they like the look of a property. Without photos on your real estate listing, a buyer can’t make that decision and you’ve already shut the door on a sale. Photos or even videos of your house are such a valuable tool in selling a home. It’s the same with your address, make sure it’s listed. A lot of buyers will google your address to see what your street looks like and to find out what amenities are close by. Take every opportunity to make sure it’s easy for them.

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