Property Styling is not just for the Elite


If you heard the words Home Styling, what would you think of? Many would probably think of multi-million dollar homes belonging to the wealthy and elite, staged with expensive furniture and accessories.

Not so! Any home owner selling their property can benefit from the services of a Property Stylist and it is an important tool in selling your home.

The cost of Home Styling is not really as expensive as you might think. It should only be a small percentage of the asking price for your home. This is quite a small investment when you consider the return you can get, which is having your property on the market for fewer days (less stress!) and most importantly, making a sale above your asking price.

Why shouldn’t any home for sale be clean, clutter free and ready to be put on the market? We will work with you to create a package to suit your budget. There are many different levels of Property Styling. You may just need some advice on how to tidy up and what to de-clutter. You might like to hire furniture for one or two rooms, and hire some artwork and accessories. Maybe you do need to hire furniture for every room in your home. Property Styling can be customised to suit you, your needs, and your budget.

Sometimes the greatest use of Property Styling can be in the most modestly priced homes. These are the homes that might be older and have seen better days, so the potential for transformation can be a lot greater than in a home that was built only a few years ago. Usually, average priced homes will have more competition (and potential buyers) than very expensive homes, so to get an edge on similar priced homes in your area, you really should consider hiring a Home Stylist.

Maybe you do have quite a small budget. A Property Stylist can still help you out. We can walk through your home with you, leaving you with a report of what issues need looking at, and if you like, you can DIY and tackle these jobs yourself. If your own furniture is suitable, we may use your pieces and simple re-arrange them in a more appealing way to attract more buyers, maybe adding in some accessories to maximise the right look and feel.

The longer your property takes to sell, the more stress is put on you as well as cost. You will still be paying the mortgage, water rates, council rates etc for a property you are waiting around to sell. You might be seeing other houses in your area selling and wonder what’s wrong with my property? Another consideration is the potential price reduction on your sale price that you might have to make if your house just isn’t selling. This can take thousands off your asking price, which no one wants to have to do.

So if you’re wanting to make the best investment when selling your home, Property Styling makes good sense.

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