Home Styling … but why?

Dartmouth Street

Property Styling is becoming a trend…and one of the most popular tools in selling a home today.

For anyone preparing their home for sale it is definitely something which can make your property stand out from the competition and worth considering!

The return you can get for the investment you make with Property Styling is something really worth thinking about.

So why is Home Styling so effective?

Faster sale at a higher price:  Property Styling increases a home owner’s chances of selling for a higher than market price in a short amount of time. This is the ideal outcome for a home owner! A faster sale at a higher price than you otherwise might have achieved.

Unique presentation techniques:  Using a professional makes all the difference. We know what design and presentation techniques work best. We select furniture that will suit the style and character of your home and know just how to perfect a look using art, accessories, lighting and greenery that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

Buyer appeal: A lot of buyers can find it hard to visualise where their own furniture and artwork would go when looking at properties for sale, so having a beautifully presented home can make a difference in maybe attracting a buyer who walks in and their heart immediately says SOLD!!

Setting the mood: Home styling creates just the right feeling of warmth and welcome which is so important when a buyer steps through your front door for the first time, especially in properties which are unoccupied. A room can actually look quite small when it is empty and using furniture can create an illusion of space and proportion.

Impressive marketing material: As a home owner you want your house to look its best. The photos of your home on a Real Estate Agent’s website will look impressive when you have used a Property Stylist, and will make someone browsing the website more inclined to want to see your property in person. If a buyer sees outdated furniture and paint choices, chances are they will click off from your property and onto the next to see what someone else has to offer.

Keeping up with trends: Home decorating shows on television have gained a lot of popularity of late and there are countless home styling magazines on offer, so more and more people are getting a feel for what styles appeal to them and are on trend. As Property Stylists we have the inside knowledge of what buyers tend to lean towards, so why not use this to your advantage!

Selling your home can be one of the biggest things you’ll do in life so why not do what so many are doing and bring out your home’s full potential with the help of someone who knows just how to do it.


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