Ten Spring Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale


Spring is here and if you’re preparing your home for sale, here are some handy tips to get you started.


Most of us feel a little lighter and happier when Spring comes. Our homes can reflect that too, especially if you are putting your home on the market at this time of the year.

When cleaning your home for sale it’s a good idea make sure you have these covered:

  • Wash all windows and curtains
  • Dust the blinds/skirting boards
  • Wash and freshen bed linen
  • Clear any cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean carpets and rugs


This is a great time to eliminate any unwanted goods from your home. If you haven’t used something in more than 12 months, consider donating or selling it. Throw away anything that is broken or damaged.

You can also think about using temporary storage for any large furniture items or even Grandma’s antiques if they will clutter your home and detract from the look you’re going for.

Do you have paperwork that you haven’t dealt with? Make sure you shred or file it, nobody wants to see piles of your personal papers lying around.


Take the time to walk around your home and check for any signs of water damage or leaks. It’s always a good idea to look for evidence of insects or mice.

The next step is to fix the problem as this can alleviate any future headaches for the new owners.


Paint your walls in neutral colours to encourage a feeling of space. If the outside of your home has faded paintwork, painting this is a small investment which adds value to your home.


Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt the scent of air freshener was so strong it was overpowering? Using natural ways to scent your home is a much nicer way of welcoming buyers to your home.

Use fresh cut flowers, oranges and lemons in a fruit bowl or green apples. Cinnamon and vanilla are great scents to use to evoke a feeling of home.

Removing the source of bad smells is a must. If you have a litter box in your house, consider moving it to the shed during inspections.


Get busy and declutter your closets, drawers and cupboards. All buyers will be looking to see if your home has enough storage and if cupboards are overcrowded this can be discouraging.


Is your garden a space deprived of attention? Your front garden especially, is the area which will impress or turn away a potential buyer.

Remove dead plants and weeds. Planting flowers in fresh spring colours looks inviting. Even flowers in pots can brighten a bland garden.

New mulch looks great in garden beds and can also hide any bare patches.


Get your outdoor areas ready. When a potential buyer steps out into your back yard, you want them to think of warm nights spent relaxing, eating in and enjoying the space with family and friends

Repair or replace cracked pavers. If your outdoor setting or BBQ is rusty or has seen better days, think about replacing them. :You don’t have to spend too much to make an impact, and remember you can always take the setting to your new home!

Tidy garden beds or place a few planter boxes with low maintenance plants in strategic places.

A good thing to think about is lighting as well.


Sometimes a fresh perspective can help you find areas to improve on that you didn’t think about. Ask a relative or friend that you trust to give an honest opinion, to walk through your property and point out anything they think needs attention. If they spot something that you didn’t, chances are a buyer will too.


Go online and look at houses already on the market in your suburb. See what their asking price is and have a look at the photos to see if your house compares. Even a quick drive by houses for sale can give you an idea of what appeals in your area.

Ask a real estate agent to give you an idea of the value of your home. They can give you some great tips for improvements as well!

For more information on preparing your home for sale and presenting it at its best contact me on 0481 508 931 or email admin@sapphirepropertystyling.com.au.