6 Tips for Selling Your Home in Summer


Now with the warmer months upon us (finally!) I thought it was timely to share some tips on selling your home in the warmer months (if it so happens you are doing just that). If this is you, there are a few things you’ll want to think about to ensure you get the most of the warmer weather and conditions that appeal to a summer buyer.

Inspection Time
Putting some thought into the timing of scheduled inspections is a great start. Scheduling at the beginning of a warmish day can have several benefits. Firstly, buyers tend to head out earlier in the morning (whether it is warm or not) so they have the rest of the afternoon free and secondly with an early inspection they beat the heat avoiding the afternoon sun.

Keeping it Cool

Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation throughout the home. Walking into a stuffy warm house is not appealing to say the least. Opening windows and keeping doors ajar or simply switching the air conditioning to low can create a nice little oasis for those who have been out in the heat and it makes for a pleasant experience.

Outdoor Space

Living areas don’t just mean within the four internal walls of your home – it also extends to the front boundary of your property right to the rear boundary. The warmer months tend to make us want to spend more time outside and your buyers are no different. They will be looking for an enjoyable area outside where they can soak up the sun, entertain friends or play with the dog. Whether you have a small, medium or large backyard, you’ll want to have it looking great. Preferably you’ve tended to your garden over the previous months ensuring you’ll capture the attention for your buyer. Watering the garden, weeding, trimming, painting fences etc will all help to create that little oasis in your backyard. You’ll want to create an inviting space with a cozy seating area or dining table and if you have a barbecue stage why not stage that too with a nice set of barbecue tools. If you have a pool include some rolled up white towels. Whatever it is, set it up so people will say “I could really live here”.

Spring Clean in Summer

It need not be Spring to do a thorough clean out. What a perfect time to get stuck into decluttering. What you no longer need you can give to friends, good will, reuse or throw out. Give each room a good dust and polish, clean the windows, wash the curtains, etc.

Plant Life

While the warmer months presents some challenges in keeping foliage lush and green, you’ll want to make sure the lawns are well watered and green. They do tend to dry out quickly so be on top of it. Some colourful flowers will add a beautiful and inviting ambience particularly at the entrance to your home – choose one colour (such as white) or a range of colours.

Looking after Your Potential Buyers

Those potential buyers who have made the effort to come to an inspection, particularly in above 33+ degree heat will be grateful for a tall glass of cool water (or simply just a nice cool drink). Keep your fridge stocked with some cool drinks – not only will they thank you for it but likely they will spend more time in your home.