Making Scents to Sell Your Home


If you’re in the process of selling your home, more than likely you’ve been advised by an agent or well-meaning friend that you need to have your house smelling wonderful.  And they’re right.  Studies have shown by engaging the senses, like smell, we can certainly make people feel more comfortable and relaxed (which in turn can make it easier for them to make decisions in purchasing).  What is important however is that the smell is not over powering.  When the smell is too strong it can in fact distract us from our ability to make decisions.

In saying that it’s not all about baked bread and coffee.  Not everyone feels homey and comfortable with these smells especially if it triggers hunger (although it works for me!), and not all vendors really have the time or energy to turn their kitchen into a bakery to create the delicious wafting presence anyway.

Creating subtle natural scents throughout the home can do just the trick and are likely to be more effective.   Using candles, essential oils or diffusers can work a treat.

The first step however is to remove any existing offensive odours. We don’t want to be simply ‘covering up’ bad smells because, believe me, they linger on in every dark corner throughout the home.  This is where baking soda comes in handy. Simply sprinkling it over carpet (for instance) for 10 to 15 min followed by a quick vacuum will help get rid of the smell.   Similarly sprinkling in bins can help too.

Once the offensive odours are taken care of, this is when you can now add your beautiful scents.  Simple scents such as citrus, basil, vanilla, pine, cedar, cinnamon are likely to be less distracting and more conducive to decision making.

Again, it is important to have the subtle scents lingering in the air rather than having people knocked out when they first walk through the door. So keeping in mind ‘less is best’.